Our Services

Business Advisory/ consultancy service

• Project Report preparation
• Entrepreneurship Development
• Taxation
• Business Feasibility Reports
• Energy Audits and Management
• Optimum utilization of Resources
• Environmental Management
• Technology Development and Introduction of new Technology

Entrepreneurial Skills Development training

• Project Report preparation
• Entrepreneurship Development
• Leadership Training
• Marketing & Banking
• Business Accounting
• Time management
• Employee Motivation
• Labour laws & Regulations

Employee Training (Work Force Development)

• Business English
• Tamil Language
• Secretarial Skills Development
• Office Management courses

Information Service

• Market Information
• Buyer/ Seller/ Investor information
• Financial instruments/ schemes/ organizations related information
• Overseas business promotional information
• Business/ trade/ market promotional information
• Access to Resource Information service and Library service
• Receive quarterly Bulletin (Anuradhagrama)

Opportunities to participate in Trade Promotional Events

• Local/ National/ Overseas Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
• Buyer – Seller meets

Recognition of Entrepreneurial Talent

• Annual “Entrepreneur of the Year” awards
• Annual Colours Night

Policy Advocacy and Facilitation

• District Enterprise Forum
• President’s Conference
• Policy representation
• Safeguarding and promoting members interest

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