Anuradhapura is the largest district in Sri Lanka which has a remarkable ancient past. It was the first capital of Sri Lanka since the beginning of the culture and there are a number of ancient religious places of worship related to Buddhisum. The Sri Mahabodhi is considered as the oldest surviving historical tree in the world and thus a living legend. Other famous places such as the Ruwanweli Maha Seya, Thuparamaya also are situated in this district. Anuradhapura is a district in North Central Province next to Polonnaruwa. The district’s major city is also named Anuradhapura and is the focal point of connection of North, West, South and East regions. During pilgrimage periods a very large number of population gathers in Anuradhapura.

The population in the Anuradhapura is approximately 886,945 according to the Ministry of Economic Development The District’s economy depend mainly on Agriculture. Paddy is the main cropm and depends heavily on the irrigation system which has survived for centuries. There are many tanks such as Nuwarawewa and Thisawewa supporting the economy in the district. these has build during the each king’s period. The Anuradhapura district is located in the dry zone thus it’s climate is highly suitable for agricultural activity.

As the District’s economy mainly depend on agriculture it’s productivity can be increased by increasing productivity per hectare and by increasing the amount of land used coupled with improvement of infrastructure facilities.